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EXERTUS offers a full suite of marketing services to help businesses succeed in the 21st century.

Built Upon Technology

Built upon technology, EXERTUS works extensively in high-tech, SaaS-based industries. You can say that we find our sweet spot between the interaction of Marketing and Technology. As a Digital Marketing agency, we strive to drive engagement, generate results, and leave lasting impressions. As our tagline states, we are obsessed with detail and driven by performance. This motto affects our approach to every client project, no matter how small.

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We offer a wide range of marketing services to meet our clients' needs. Below, you can find out more information about each of our core disciplines. Let us help you and your team achieve your business goals. We look forward to helping!


With technical, content, and UX/UI audits, we can pinpoint weaknesses in your current digital strategy and discover opportunities for improvement. An audit should serve as the foundation of any long-term marketing initiative.


Content marketing is at the heart of digital marketing. Whether developing video content or infographics, it starts with copywriting. Our team can lead a much-needed helping hand.


Design encompasses many things. Our team can assist you not only with graphic design and web design services, but user interface and user experience design as well. At EXERTUS, we treat design holistically.


All digital platforms and outlets depend on sound development practices. Whatever the programming or scripting language is, you can trust EXERTUS to code according to best practices for long-term sustainability.


Search engine optimization is the practice of maximizing your digital content's potential, so that it appears in organic search results for applicable or relevant queries. Whether you need to optimize a video or an entire website, we can help.


Before undertaking any marketing initiative, it is important to have clear goals, expectations, and measurements for success in mind. Our team of strategists and marketing experts, working closely with you, can help determine this path.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

By leveraging the talents and expertise of individuals across disciplines, we can provide your organization with a robust and comprehensive marketing approach that takes advantage of multiple channels and outlets.


Marketing begins with strategy. Our strategists can provide guidance on everything from user personas to user flows.


Ideas are worthless if not executed properly. Our creative team - made up of designers, copywriters, videographers, and more - knows how to execute.


Once a strategy has been decided upon and assets have been created, it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. That's where our developers come in.

Quality Controllers

Finally, we double and triple-check our work to ensure it meets accepted best practices and accords with our client's expectations.

Clear & Upfront Pricing

We really think today’s consumers are educated buyers. They know what they want, what they require, why they need what they need, and what they're willing to spend. With our laid out pricing and hassle free quotes our goal is simply to remove any barriers that might prevent them from making a well informed decision.

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Xink is a comprehensive email signature management and campaign tool that is designed to enable company-wide control over email signatures and email-based marketing initiatives.


Everteam connects people, processes, and content to drive great experiences for your customers, employees and business partners.


ProofHQ, a Workfront company, is the global leader in online proofing. Easy-to-use collaborative review tools streamline the review and approval of content and creative assets.

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At EXERTUS, we are always looking for new talent, both for full-time and part-time assistance. If you are skilled in design, development, copywriting, marketing, search engine optimization, or a related discipline, we'd like to hear from you.

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