18th November 2015

The Must-have Online Tools Every Dispersed Team Needs

Running a business in many ways is easier than ever. Digital communication tools enable global access to talent and resources; communication is cheaper and more efficient than it’s ever been; BYOD workplace cultures aid production while minimizing corporate expenses; and the new remote employee has made it possible for businesses to run with just a skeleton in-house crew. For many small- to medium-size businesses, the days of the 50-person office are all but behind them. In its place, a new, smaller, sharper, more flexible and dynamic work force is entering the fray. We should know – at EXERTUS, we’re right…

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Is Hiring an Agency Right for Your Business?

It is a question that all businesses must ask themselves at some point in time: do we hire a full-time employee or do we outsource? And it’s a worthwhile question. The benefits of having an in-house resource are many, of course: he or she is readily available to complete tasks, has a standard schedule, and comes at a fixed cost. In other words, hiring a full-time employee provides a company with certain assurances. However, hiring an employee is not always feasible, nor always advised. The True Cost of a Full-time Employee Those fixed costs we alluded to? Industry wages, health…

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