22nd February 2016

Answer These 4 Fundamental Strategy Questions Before Starting A Blog

The good thing about content marketing is that it can take on any scope that you see fit. Because it’s a long game, not a short game, there’s no real need to feel rushed. Something to consider when framing your attack plan is a good strategy. And every good blog strategy starts with these fundamental questions. 1. How often do I want to post? If you are starting a new blog, you may consider the whole thing daunting. Try to commit to publishing one blog a week; if you have a website that you want to expand, consider committing to…

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17th February 2016

3 Industry Secrets to Getting Your Blog Noticed

It isn’t enough to continually publish content (whether for your site, your blog, or your social media platforms). You must maintain the goal of writing quality content. That being said, let’s assume you’re writing amazing content (which I know you are!). Are you still not being seen? Are you banging your head against your computer feeling crushed and not motivated to write the next blog? If you are, you’re not alone! Even the top bloggers today will share with you their struggles at the beginning. Some of them spent years harnessing their craft to gain the visibility and traction that…

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8th February 2016

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Software Companies Make in Their First 5 Years

Starting a business is never easy. There are philosophical, global issues which must be dealt with (Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it? What do we offer the market?) and practical issues that demand your attention (How do we cover payroll? How do we sell our products or services? How do we pay the rent?). Discovering the answers to the many questions which will be asked by you and your associates in the first year, two, or five of your business is part of the process – it’s simply something that every business owner must…

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