28th March 2016

Digital Psychology 101: Your Strategy Guide to the Digital Frontier – Part Two

In Part One of the Digital Psychology 101 strategy guide, we introduced the importance of taking psychology into account when designing a digital experience, as well as touched upon brand psychology, and how it can influence a buyer’s decision making. In Part Two, we touch upon design psychology, its effects on aesthetic design and layout, and how it can promote, influence, and even manipulate user decisions. Design Psychology 52% of customers won’t return to a store if they dislike the aesthetic. The same is true for your website. Even if you’re not designing the site yourself, you should evaluate your…

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17th March 2016

Digital Psychology 101: Your Strategy Guide to the Digital Frontier – Part One

Plenty of strategists, designers, psychologists, and UX analysts have written about the relationship and interplay between human psychology and a website’s influence over users. It seems that there are countless articles and infographics exclaiming “5 ways to improve your website using marketing psychology” or “How to use color theory for your online brand.” So in that sense, this article is nothing new in the broader scheme of things. No, what’s unique about this article is that we’re pooling all of the psychological triggers that should be considered as you rethink your website. And this relates to all aspects of a…

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15th March 2016

The Website Audit: Maximizing Your Website’s Performance

Congratulations! After months of creative collaboration and hard work; a not-insignificant amount of blood, sweat, and tears; and hundreds of cups of coffee, your company’s new website has launched. The production team is relieved, the stakeholders are pleased, and the bleary-eyed developers can now garner some much needed rest. All is right with the world again. For now, at least. The Competition Begins The truth is your work is not done, far from it. The minute your website launched it entered an ongoing, ever-escalating competition with all other websites designed and deployed specifically for your user demographic. The arena is…

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2nd March 2016

How to Hire an Entire Team for the Price of One Employee – Part 2

In the hopes of filling their ranks with the best and brightest talent available, companies have consistently looked far and wide for the most cost-effective, qualified candidates. Outsourcing came and went. Near-sourcing turned out to be too good to be true, and sadly, job placement agencies often produce candidates who are under-qualified and over-priced. Add to this daunting task the vicious cycle of the economy and it’s no wonder companies struggle to keep their departments fully staffed. Thankfully, there is a solution. Cue EXERTUS We are trying to change the way businesses think about hiring. EXERTUS works with small and…

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2nd March 2016

The Top 5 Benefits Agencies Bring to the Table

In any business, large or small, there inevitably comes a time when it must be decided whether to outsource to a third-party or hire internally. In some cases, only an internal hire will suffice. If your business needs someone who can dedicate his or her time to a specific assignment five days a week, then an internal hire may be your best option. However, when it comes to creative and technical endeavors – marketing, graphic design, website development, and user experience design among other things – outside parties often bring a lot to the table. Why? Because outside parties have…

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