23rd August 2016

The Dos and Don’ts of Search Engine Optimization

There seems to be no shortage of rules and regulations when it comes to search engine optimization. Not surprisingly, this is one of the reasons that so many companies outsource their SEO services. However, as we’ve discussed before, search engine optimization is based upon just three underlying factors: authority, relevancy, and popularity. Speaking broadly, if you create a website that is topical and authoritative, and which is built in accordance with widely accepted best practices, you can be confident that your website will find an audience – if not today, then at least down the road. But that’s the 30,000ft…

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EXERTUS Opens First East Coast Office Location

EXERTUS is immensely proud to serve clients from around the world; though we are located in San Diego, California, our clients come from as far as France and Denmark. That being said, we love working with local businesses as well. It allows for a human touch that is hard to duplicate over the phone or via email. Thus, when it came time to expand into the East Coast market, it only made sense to open a new location. This not only allows EXERTUS to serve a whole new business market, but enables us to do so personally – with a…

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Tools Our Remote Team Uses to Chat in Real Time

It’s no secret that more companies are exploring the benefits of offsite employees than ever before. The popularity of the remote office has exploded. It improves productivity, it encourages personal creativity, and it cuts way down on costs (for both employer and employee). Of course, there’s something to be said for the ability to simply walk over to a coworker and ask him or her a question, or ask for immediate feedback. If you’re thinking of making a switch to a remote office environment, the first thing you need to consider is: how will my team members be able to…

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5th August 2016

Marketing is Not Sales: How My Family Vacation Illustrated the Key Difference Between the Two

As a kid I always loved amusement parks. I couldn’t wait to get in line for the new, fast, make-your-cheeks-jiggle-in-the wind G-force rides. Like most children, the obvious, clanging, sparkling rides were all I could ever see. Not so anymore. I recently took a family trip to Knott’s Berry Farm in Anaheim, California — the first time in nearly 15 years — and let me tell you… a whole new world! Yes, we hit up the roller coasters, but not before meandering through Snoopy Land (for the kiddies), watching some cowboys wrangle bad guys, experiencing a horse-drawn carriage, getting a…

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