26th September 2016

Stay on Top: Scheduled Website Audits

What is a Website Audit? A website audit is a global health check of the integrity of your website and how it accomodates your organization’s digital marketing strategy. Harness the Power of Audits: Introduce a Schedule The Basics The Internet is in a constant state of change. Your website and overall digital strategy must evolve and keep current in order to compete. Without a regular status check, or audit, your organization’s strategy can fall victim to deprecated technologies and accumulate crippling amounts of technical debt. Why Schedule Audits? In order to maintain value from your website and digital strategy, it’s…

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Get AMP’d, Bro!

The AMP Project is an open-source initiative that promotes a future where content loads quickly and easily across a wide range of mobile devices. By creating mobile-optimized content, creators can have confidence that this content will load instantly everywhere and anywhere. That is the promise and goal of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative. If you didn’t know about it until today, that’s okay. But you should know about it, as Google has search guidelines specifically for AMP pages. And when it comes to search engine optimization, Google knows a thing or two! Let’s learn more about AMP pages, and…

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21st September 2016

Fairy Tale Marketing: Happily Ever After Really is True

Whether we want to admit it or not, we like fairy tales. We crave to see the good guy win, justice served and the hero get the girl.The adventure, hope, and happily-ever-afters give us the warm fuzzies inside. But then life sets in and we think that only in the movies or story books could something so honest and true happen. Well I hope you’re feeling magical, because today we are writing a new chapter in digital marketing. We’re here to tell you that the marketing agency doesn’t always have to be the bad guy! Let us inspire hope again…

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How Do I Know if Content Marketing is Effective?

Content marketing is the foundation of most, if not all, digital marketing strategies. Website content, blog content, social media content, video content, viral content, and other digital content types provide the very mechanism by which companies promote their brand and product online. So it should come as little surprise that content marketing plays such an integral role in digital marketing campaigns. But how can you quantify the effectiveness of your content marketing initiatives? Is there a way to determine the value and reach of your content? The short answer is yes – with content marketing metrics. What are Content Marketing…

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