So What Is Marketing, Really?

What is marketing? It may seem like a silly question, especially coming from a marketing agency. But it’s a question that many marketing managers and business owners alike ask themselves. We know, because many of our own clients are unsure where to start or what to do when it comes to marketing. The simple answer, as is often the case, is the cut-and-dry one. Merriam-Webster defines marketing as: That is of course how most people in business see marketing. But is that the best answer? Simple and best are not always the same thing. That’s the conceptual idea of marketing.…

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11th January 2017

Failed Marketing: Why Your Efforts Miss the Mark

Think back to your first experience with the gym. Whether it was a freshman weights class, prerequisite in college, or walking in with a clean towel and brand new sneakers to your first 24 Hour Fitness, we all struggled a bit. Many of us had seen some of the equipment before, maybe even tried some out, and probably had mixed emotions and levels of success. Now if we had a great coach, helpful friend, or were just a “natural” our experience was excellent and we likely continued on the fitness path. But if we had to go the solo route,…

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What to Expect in Web Design for 2017

Looking at what to expect for 2017, it’s not so much this uncanny prediction or Magic 8 Ball foretelling (reply hazy, try again), as it is a natural progression of the design trends we have seen in the past 2-3 years.  Combine that with current technological advances and you will find what will likely inspire future web design. A prime example of our industry following technological trends is flat design. Its ability to accommodate the growing mobile responsive trend that hit us years ago has shaped current design direction. Flat design has grown and evolved and companies like Apple and…

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