It isn’t enough to continually publish content (whether for your site, your blog, or your social media platforms). You must maintain the goal of writing quality content. That being said, let’s assume you’re writing amazing content (which I know you are!). Are you still not being seen? Are you banging your head against your computer feeling crushed and not motivated to write the next blog?

If you are, you’re not alone! Even the top bloggers today will share with you their struggles at the beginning. Some of them spent years harnessing their craft to gain the visibility and traction that they enjoy today.

In order to save years off your life, let me give you some industry secrets to getting your blog noticed today!

1. Be Very Specific

With this blog article, we have a clear purpose in mind: We are not just educating our customers on how to get their blog noticed – we are revealing the 3 industry secrets to getting your blog noticed. We are doing this with cleverly crafted titles to grab your attention and attract you through social media. For example, we will be posting the following on our social media platforms: “Having problems getting your blog seen? I’m revealing the 3 industry secrets to getting your blog noticed today!”

Being too vague or writing too broadly can hurt your chances of a successful blog. Be very specific and stick to it. You can expand on the topic later on.

2. Tell people to SHARE / LIKE

Google and other search engines value and reward quality content. In order to earn those rewards, you need likes, shares, reposts, and people linking from their site to yours. Sounds hard, right? It can be. But tell me this: When was the last time you sold a product? I bet you the biggest difference between one salesman to the next was that they asked you to buy. They didn’t give you all the info and tell you to think it over and get back to them. They gave you all the info and asked you when you would like to make your first payment, or should we get you driving off in that sexy new car today?

Tell people to share your article if they liked it. Ask them to comment at the end of your blog with their thoughts. Begin a conversation with them. Don’t be a robot. After every comment you receive, thank them in reply. This will help you rank higher in social media and, in the long run, help build a trustworthy reputation on Google.

3. Promote Your Blog

When publishing new content, don’t think about search engines or the latest algorithm update by Google. Think of your readers. They will want to read what you’ve published. Go onto social media and find them. Talk to them and share your blog with them. Ask for their feedback. This is an easy way to gain more traction and followers. People love to give their opinion! Spend more time promoting your blog on other blogs and adding feedback to other bloggers. This makes you a contributing member of the World Wide Web – like being a good neighbor.

Hidden Bonus!

If you made it to the end, you get the hidden bonus secret: format! Make it easy for your readers to skim through your blog. Space it; add titles; play with the words of the titles to make them catchy. Make the format pretty. This might sounds like an obvious point, but if it were, many more people would do this correctly.

As always, have fun. Play. And if you get stuck, give us a call! We offer free consultation and review of your site.