Your webhosting service plays a vital role in the management, upkeep, and optimization of your website. For speed and efficiency, WP Engine can’t be beat.


Across the board, website hosting, design and development projects become the bane of most people’s lives. For businesses, this problem becomes significantly expounded due to the larger level of needs and the many individuals that have a final say in the project. Initiating a website design is a challenge to even most otherwise skilled marketing managers, who are usually the designated project drivers within the organization. However, it doesn’t need to be a challenge.

When you’re with the right team of builders and designers using the right tools to get the job done, then it shouldn’t be a challenge.

The frustration sets in when clients begin receiving multiple and often conflicting bids, many times often limited to the capacity or preferred practices of the agency making the pitch. Yet, it really just comes down to this:

Why would you want to use various shades and makes of a paper product when you can use steel?

And why wouldn’t you want to use steel when it costs less than the paper?

WP Engine is a highly competitive platform that offers the advantages that most other hosting platforms cannot match.

Of course, your hosting isn’t made out of paper or steel but the principles are exactly the same. WP Engine is a highly competitive platform that offers the advantages that most other hosting platforms cannot match. Moreover, for an organization to choose WP Engine means they’re investing in something that’s going to have and retain value.

Why WP Engine is a Smart Solution

Building a website is just as much an investment for a developer as it is for the client. For the client, it’s the face and digital identity representing their business. No matter how clinically the company approaches the project, it’s still also a highly emotional investment.

For developers, it’s about building an efficient machine that can perform and adapt – as it will inevitably need to. For this reason, WP Engine is the first and highest caliber option. Here’s why…

  1. Speed + Transparency – WP Engine offers speed and transparency during all stages of a website’s life. It reduces often-rampant level of bugs and erroneous errors found in other hosting solutions that cause project delays. It also builds a transparent website that any developer can understand should you have someone else looking under the hood later. From an SEO perspective, WP Engine can offer solutions that other hosting platforms simply cannot match or promise.
  2. Security – Web security is key to your business integrity. WP Engine offers daily backups, malware scans, and alerts on any third party plugin insecurities.
  3. Built-in Staging Environment – With a single-click setup, your team and ours can view and edit your website while it’s in staging. This means we can privately see how your site looks and performs while we work with you to fine tune it to perfection.
  4. Git Integration – Git is the equivalent of version control for your website. You can make updates, add features, and revert back to older versions at the drop of a hat. It also allows multiple developers to work on the same site without stepping on each other’s toes. Git through WP Engine is a native integration that offers streamlined access, which most other hosts (including WordPress hosts) cannot match. For a client, this means one giant leap closer to website success that allows you to launch on time and within budget – and without frustration.
  5. Automatic Nightly Backups and Self-initiated Manual Backups – Think of backing up as locking your car up every night. WP Engine auto initiates this process every night.
  6. Built-in Caching – Caching is the web equivalent to speed: how fast can your website go? If you’re opting for WordPress outside of WP Engine, consider that you’ll have to set this up yourself. If you opt for a plug-in or third party service, consider that each time you’re giving a third party the keys to your car – which means increased security risks.Like with just about anything else your website will need, WP Engine provides built-in caching as part of their package. This means you can cruise your site without having to build the engine to do it.
  7. Price – The WP Engine price point is highly competitive against any other solution. Most importantly, you know what you’re getting and can verify those benefits.
  8. Support – WP Engine also offers live chat, and it’s quick and responsive while also being knowledgeable and friendly. At some point, you’re going to need the access support and it’s good to know there’s always a team on your side.

When it comes to professionally managed WordPress hosting we are happy recommend to our clients to WP Engine. We not only recommend it for our clients, but we also use it ourselves. We have experience setting this up for our clients, and ourselves, and have seen excellent results that really proves that WP Engine isn’t just a hosting option – it’s a well-oiled machine.

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