3rd March 2017

What Role Does Design Play in Marketing?

What role does design play in marketing? That is the question we set out to answer in this week’s episode of The Everyday Marketer. Why? Because it is a common topic of discussion amongst marketers, designers, and strategists. It is an age-old battle, in fact. Marketing vs design. Are they two sides of the same coin? Or are they separate? At EXERTUS, we believe that design plays a crucial role in branding, can complement your marketing efforts across the board, and often allows you to communicate more effectively with your target audience. In other words, design has a role to…

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24th February 2017

Why Do Your Marketing Efforts Fail?

It’s a question that many marketing directors, business owners, and product developers ask themselves. Why does marketing fail? After all, we’ve all experienced disappointment in our own marketing efforts. So the question naturally arises, what are some of the underlying causes that lead to such failures? Perhaps more fundamentally, are these efforts truly failures, or do you simply have unrealistic expectations? Are you confusing marketing with sales? Or perhaps your efforts are simply unfocused or intermittent? In this week’s episode of The Everyday Marketer, we discuss the subject that nobody dares broach: why does marketing fail?  

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The Everyday Marketer – Episode 1: Why Video?

What does it mean to be an everyday marketer in today’s world? Join us in our new video series as we tackle this very question and more. We’re setting out to have a conversation on the topics, ideas, and concepts that matter most to individuals just like you. Why Video? When it came down to strategizing and looking at our content marketing plan going into 2017, it just kept staring us in the face. It felt more like a why not rather than a why? Yes video yields better search engine results, higher retention rates, stronger consumer attention and higher…

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11th January 2017

Failed Marketing: Why Your Efforts Miss the Mark

Think back to your first experience with the gym. Whether it was a freshman weights class, prerequisite in college, or walking in with a clean towel and brand new sneakers to your first 24 Hour Fitness, we all struggled a bit. Many of us had seen some of the equipment before, maybe even tried some out, and probably had mixed emotions and levels of success. Now if we had a great coach, helpful friend, or were just a “natural” our experience was excellent and we likely continued on the fitness path. But if we had to go the solo route,…

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What to Expect in Web Design for 2017

Looking at what to expect for 2017, it’s not so much this uncanny prediction or Magic 8 Ball foretelling (reply hazy, try again), as it is a natural progression of the design trends we have seen in the past 2-3 years.  Combine that with current technological advances and you will find what will likely inspire future web design. A prime example of our industry following technological trends is flat design. Its ability to accommodate the growing mobile responsive trend that hit us years ago has shaped current design direction. Flat design has grown and evolved and companies like Apple and…

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