16th November 2016

The Three C’s of Copywriting

First impressions… We all know they exist. We can say, “No, I don’t judge by that,” but honestly we do. It’s human nature and despite our best efforts, it inevitably comes into play. Think about a job interview – how many times do we change our outfit (or go buy a new one), put on our best and most appropriate fragrance, and fix ourselves in the mirror until every hair is in place? Even if we know we are qualified and would be a huge benefit to the company, we still worry. We want to come across well because we…

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8th November 2016

User Personas: Party Planning 101

Sometimes in life there are basic principles we understand and utilize daily, but forget (or refuse) to carry into the business world. Why is this? We interact with people in our personal lives…we interact with people in our professional lives. We aim to please, achieve goals, and create unique, fulfilling interactions in both, right? Case in point: How is this like real life? And is there a real life counterpart? There is.  It’s called party planning. What You Can Learn from Party Planning Let’s say your best friend’s birthday is rolling around and you want to throw a big bash.…

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21st September 2016

Fairy Tale Marketing: Happily Ever After Really is True

Whether we want to admit it or not, we like fairy tales. We crave to see the good guy win, justice served and the hero get the girl.The adventure, hope, and happily-ever-afters give us the warm fuzzies inside. But then life sets in and we think that only in the movies or story books could something so honest and true happen. Well I hope you’re feeling magical, because today we are writing a new chapter in digital marketing. We’re here to tell you that the marketing agency doesn’t always have to be the bad guy! Let us inspire hope again…

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5th August 2016

Marketing is Not Sales: How My Family Vacation Illustrated the Key Difference Between the Two

As a kid I always loved amusement parks. I couldn’t wait to get in line for the new, fast, make-your-cheeks-jiggle-in-the wind G-force rides. Like most children, the obvious, clanging, sparkling rides were all I could ever see. Not so anymore. I recently took a family trip to Knott’s Berry Farm in Anaheim, California — the first time in nearly 15 years — and let me tell you… a whole new world! Yes, we hit up the roller coasters, but not before meandering through Snoopy Land (for the kiddies), watching some cowboys wrangle bad guys, experiencing a horse-drawn carriage, getting a…

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Revealing Your Marketing Budget Perspective

Let’s be honest, investments can be scary. If we can’t see tomorrow the money we put in today we can easily get worried. Waiting for the return for months, or even years, is difficult but rewarding…and who doesn’t like rewards?! It’s like buying a home and putting some work into it. You can choose to be simple and paint the walls a trendy new color and plant a few succulents, or spend the time and money to install solar panels, a walk-in closet or update the kitchen. Either will give you a new, improved look, but which one is going…

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