2nd March 2016

The Top 5 Benefits Agencies Bring to the Table

In any business, large or small, there inevitably comes a time when it must be decided whether to outsource to a third-party or hire internally. In some cases, only an internal hire will suffice. If your business needs someone who can dedicate his or her time to a specific assignment five days a week, then an internal hire may be your best option. However, when it comes to creative and technical endeavors – marketing, graphic design, website development, and user experience design among other things – outside parties often bring a lot to the table. Why? Because outside parties have…

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Plugins Made Easy. Introducing EXERTUS Connect.

Increasingly, today’s digital environment is one in which even large corporate websites make use of off-the-shelf components. Custom platforms still exist, of course, but content management systems, third-party applications, plugins, and other digital integrations have democratized websites to a degree. When it comes to Web 2.0, there tends to be a digital solution for most problems. These apps and plugins provide proven benefits and may prevent the need for custom development, but they do pose their own unique set of hurdles. If you have any experience in digital marketing or website development – as a business owner, project manager, or…

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The Three Factors Determining Your Search Engine Rankings

Many businesses hoping to boost their search engine rankings will succumb to trends or try ill-advised shortcuts. It’s easy to understand why. Increasingly, businesses are operating and marketing in the digital realm, and being found online can be the difference between being highly profitable and failing to make it past the six-month mark. Unfortunately, companies that rely on these shortcuts for search engine position often find that either: They fail to achieve the results they’re hoping for because their motivations are misguided; or They experience temporary gains only to have their rankings plummet when Google updates its search algorithm (which…

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