Tools Our Remote Team Uses to Chat in Real Time

It’s no secret that more companies are exploring the benefits of offsite employees than ever before. The popularity of the remote office has exploded. It improves productivity, it encourages personal creativity, and it cuts way down on costs (for both employer and employee). Of course, there’s something to be said for the ability to simply walk over to a coworker and ask him or her a question, or ask for immediate feedback. If you’re thinking of making a switch to a remote office environment, the first thing you need to consider is: how will my team members be able to…

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18th January 2016

5 Essential SEO Tips for WordPress Users

WordPress is a tremendously powerful content management system. We’re quite fond of it at EXERTUS, as we believe strongly in handing the keys over to our clients; we feel that proprietary and one-off HTML websites are needlessly limiting in most instances. With WordPress, you have control over your website, which should always be the goal. To get the most out of your WordPress site, there are a number of best practices which should be followed. In fact, these best practice recommendations are nearly limitless. Fundamentals include code that is correctly and cleanly formatted; content that is topical, robust, and relevant;…

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18th November 2015

The Must-have Online Tools Every Dispersed Team Needs

Running a business in many ways is easier than ever. Digital communication tools enable global access to talent and resources; communication is cheaper and more efficient than it’s ever been; BYOD workplace cultures aid production while minimizing corporate expenses; and the new remote employee has made it possible for businesses to run with just a skeleton in-house crew. For many small- to medium-size businesses, the days of the 50-person office are all but behind them. In its place, a new, smaller, sharper, more flexible and dynamic work force is entering the fray. We should know – at EXERTUS, we’re right…

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8 Reasons You Should Be Hosting with WP Engine

Your webhosting service plays a vital role in the management, upkeep, and optimization of your website. For speed and efficiency, WP Engine can’t be beat.   Across the board, website hosting, design and development projects become the bane of most people’s lives. For businesses, this problem becomes significantly expounded due to the larger level of needs and the many individuals that have a final say in the project. Initiating a website design is a challenge to even most otherwise skilled marketing managers, who are usually the designated project drivers within the organization. However, it doesn’t need to be a challenge.…

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