26th September 2016

Stay on Top: Scheduled Website Audits

What is a Website Audit? A website audit is a global health check of the integrity of your website and how it accomodates your organization’s digital marketing strategy. Harness the Power of Audits: Introduce a Schedule The Basics The Internet is in a constant state of change. Your website and overall digital strategy must evolve and keep current in order to compete. Without a regular status check, or audit, your organization’s strategy can fall victim to deprecated technologies and accumulate crippling amounts of technical debt. Why Schedule Audits? In order to maintain value from your website and digital strategy, it’s…

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15th March 2016

The Website Audit: Maximizing Your Website’s Performance

Congratulations! After months of creative collaboration and hard work; a not-insignificant amount of blood, sweat, and tears; and hundreds of cups of coffee, your company’s new website has launched. The production team is relieved, the stakeholders are pleased, and the bleary-eyed developers can now garner some much needed rest. All is right with the world again. For now, at least. The Competition Begins The truth is your work is not done, far from it. The minute your website launched it entered an ongoing, ever-escalating competition with all other websites designed and deployed specifically for your user demographic. The arena is…

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