16th November 2016

The Three C’s of Copywriting

First impressions… We all know they exist. We can say, “No, I don’t judge by that,” but honestly we do. It’s human nature and despite our best efforts, it inevitably comes into play. Think about a job interview – how many times do we change our outfit (or go buy a new one), put on our best and most appropriate fragrance, and fix ourselves in the mirror until every hair is in place? Even if we know we are qualified and would be a huge benefit to the company, we still worry. We want to come across well because we…

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How Do I Know if Content Marketing is Effective?

Content marketing is the foundation of most, if not all, digital marketing strategies. Website content, blog content, social media content, video content, viral content, and other digital content types provide the very mechanism by which companies promote their brand and product online. So it should come as little surprise that content marketing plays such an integral role in digital marketing campaigns. But how can you quantify the effectiveness of your content marketing initiatives? Is there a way to determine the value and reach of your content? The short answer is yes – with content marketing metrics. What are Content Marketing…

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22nd February 2016

Answer These 4 Fundamental Strategy Questions Before Starting A Blog

The good thing about content marketing is that it can take on any scope that you see fit. Because it’s a long game, not a short game, there’s no real need to feel rushed. Something to consider when framing your attack plan is a good strategy. And every good blog strategy starts with these fundamental questions. 1. How often do I want to post? If you are starting a new blog, you may consider the whole thing daunting. Try to commit to publishing one blog a week; if you have a website that you want to expand, consider committing to…

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