Editorial Backlinks: Why You Need Them (and How to Get Them)

As we’ve discussed before, there are three primary factors that determine your website’s search engine ranking: relevancy, authority, and popularity. Relevancy and popularity are fairly easy to understand. How close does your website match the query in question, and how many people visit your website on a monthly basis? If the answers are “very closely” and “a lot,” the odds are good that your site will rank well. However, there is one other ranking factor – authority – which plays a role, and this is determined largely by backlinks. Which begs the question (at least for SEO beginners)… What are…

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23rd August 2016

The Dos and Don’ts of Search Engine Optimization

There seems to be no shortage of rules and regulations when it comes to search engine optimization. Not surprisingly, this is one of the reasons that so many companies outsource their SEO services. However, as we’ve discussed before, search engine optimization is based upon just three underlying factors: authority, relevancy, and popularity. Speaking broadly, if you create a website that is topical and authoritative, and which is built in accordance with widely accepted best practices, you can be confident that your website will find an audience – if not today, then at least down the road. But that’s the 30,000ft…

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15th April 2016

Why You Should NOT Turn Down an SEO Audit

Put Your Pride Aside and Let the Experts Make You Shine Too many people in executive marketing positions feel that if they outsource their work, it somehow reflects on them poorly – it shows vulnerability or a lack of initiative. Never mind that executives in all industries rely on their employees to enact their plans. Never mind that a single person can only accomplish so much by him or herself. Never mind that executives are often selected for their roles within an organization based on their ability to lead, and not necessarily to execute. Rational or not, outsourcing tasks to…

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18th January 2016

5 Essential SEO Tips for WordPress Users

WordPress is a tremendously powerful content management system. We’re quite fond of it at EXERTUS, as we believe strongly in handing the keys over to our clients; we feel that proprietary and one-off HTML websites are needlessly limiting in most instances. With WordPress, you have control over your website, which should always be the goal. To get the most out of your WordPress site, there are a number of best practices which should be followed. In fact, these best practice recommendations are nearly limitless. Fundamentals include code that is correctly and cleanly formatted; content that is topical, robust, and relevant;…

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When it Comes to Digital Marketing, Content is King (With a Catch)

Far be it from me to proclaim that I’m the first person to make the assertion that “Content is King.” No, it’s a pretty tried-and-true mantra at this point. In fact, Bill Gates himself made the assertion 20 years ago. It’s all but accepted that in order for websites to have long-term success, they must continually publish content (or else face the possibility of becoming lost in the bottomless pit that is Page 5 or Page 20 of search engine results). The statement that “content is king” still holds true today, just as it did when Bill Gates made his…

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