Marketing Plans, Campaigns & Initiatives, Oh My!

When it comes to marketing, there are many different ways that you can look at it. You can take the 30,000 ft. view or the ground level approach. Just as a general’s perspective of war will differ from a soldier’s, a CEO or even CMO will have a much different take on marketing than a manager or graphic designer – one is looking at the big picture while the other is in the trenches. Of course, this may seem self-evident for those who have been in the industry for ages. But what about new business owners? Or perhaps recent college…

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8th November 2016

User Personas: Party Planning 101

Sometimes in life there are basic principles we understand and utilize daily, but forget (or refuse) to carry into the business world. Why is this? We interact with people in our personal lives…we interact with people in our professional lives. We aim to please, achieve goals, and create unique, fulfilling interactions in both, right? Case in point: How is this like real life? And is there a real life counterpart? There is.  It’s called party planning. What You Can Learn from Party Planning Let’s say your best friend’s birthday is rolling around and you want to throw a big bash.…

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