What does it mean to be an everyday marketer in today’s world? Join us in our new video series as we tackle this very question and more. We’re setting out to have a conversation on the topics, ideas, and concepts that matter most to individuals just like you.

Why Video?

When it came down to strategizing and looking at our content marketing plan going into 2017, it just kept staring us in the face. It felt more like a why not rather than a why? Yes video yields better search engine results, higher retention rates, stronger consumer attention and higher engagement, but all that aside, it seemed like a more practical platform in which to deliver our message. I wanted a way to address common questions we get asked regularly from clients without having to write an entire blog post about it. Yes we will continue to provide blogs and resources, but going forward I hope to use video to supplement those continued efforts.

Why Now? What was holding us back?

As an agency, we really had no excuse. We have all the resources available to make this happen. Truth be told, I felt almost guilty for not doing it sooner. We do it for our clients. I think much of the reason was selfishly I didn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. Being able to take the time and craft a message on the computer was just so much easier. It’s the perfectionist in me!

What is our goal with Video?

As I search for actual videos pertaining to various topics of marketing, I have yet to find any that address the full scope of marketing at an agency level. There are some great topical video series that focus solely on design, or development or even social media but we work with the marketing managers and business owners alike, who need to know enough (a little bit of everything) to get their job done. We field these types of questions daily, and because we have a diverse team of designers, developers, copywriters and such all focused solely on marketing it makes for great conversations often yielding revelatory answers. I don’t claim to know it all, and I guess that was also a fear about doing a video series such as this, but I have an amazing team that does know it all, which makes for great learning moments. If you’re anything like me, when you learn something, you want to go and teach it to someone else.

The everyday marketer is about always being creative, strategic, open minded, collaborative, agile, hard working and most of all persistent. They know how to lean on their strengths and use their skill sets to catapult their career and turn their dreams into reality.
So join us each week while we discuss the in’s & outs of the issues that you face every day in your business – where we will answer and help you solve them right here for you!