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Audits are tremendously helpful at exposing pain points, pinpointing diversions from accepted best practices, and revealing opportunities for improvement. Before any large initiative is undertaken, it helps to know the current status of the subject in question. For example, how can your business implement an SEO strategy if it doesn’t first understand the existing strengths and weaknesses of its SEO approach? Audits are revealing, thorough, and highly beneficial, as they provide a baseline from which to base future work on. Without an audit, your plans may be nothing more than shots in the dark. You must first diagnose the problem before you can ever hope to fix it.


Does your website accord with accepted best practices? Does it follow the recommendations outlined by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and the W3C organization? Is your business even aware of such guidelines? The answers to all of these questions will inform whether or not a technical audit is right for your business. If you maintain a digital presence or digital application, make sure that it’s built properly.


An SEO audit is crucial to planning an SEO marketing plan, as search engine optimization is an ongoing process that builds on past initiatives. With an audit, existing weak points can be determined and strategies can be formulated. By conducting an SEO audit, which looks at everything from keywords and content to code and site structure, you can ensure that your business website is brought up to a basic minimum standard before investing in a long-term SEO campaign.


What marketing channels are you leveraging in your marketing campaigns? What sort of return are you seeing? What is your total spend and relevant ROI for each of these channels? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, a marketing audit can prove invaluable in helping you shape your marketing campaigns moving forward. Let us look at your marketing initiatives and discover areas for improvement.


A business audit can involve everything from a product usability analysis to a marketing plan review. Ultimately, a business audit should be tailored around your company’s specific needs and goals. EXERTUS is able to leverage its team of industry experts to conduct an audit that is thorough and revealing, so that your business can enact changes that will result in positive improvement – whatever the pain point may be.


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