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Your company’s content is its voice. If it is written poorly, it reflects poorly on your business. Professional copywriting services are a crucial component of any marketing campaign, but beyond that, content that is engaging and informative is an integral part of branding as well. Content can inform, educate, engage and prompt users to action. For companies that are lacking an in-house copywriting team, content development services can prove invaluable.


The great thing with Blog articles is that they give your company the freedom to explore different subject matters and different goals. Your corporate Blog can be a thought leadership platform, a way to build relationships with peers and customers, a sales outlet, or a mechanism for educating the public. However, without an in-house writing team, maintaining a regular publishing schedule can be difficult – in such cases, EXERTUS can help. Our team of copywriters can help ensure that your Blog is active, accurate, and up-to-date.



What should a video script do? What does it need to accomplish? Whether writing a script for a product overview or corporate branding piece, a video script must answer the four W’s: who, what, where, and when. Condensing these core topics into a script that is short and engaging, yet still informative and substantive, can be incredibly difficult. With our experience writing scripts, we can ensure that your company’s voice comes through while expanding on the subject matter that matters most.


An email campaign can be used for any number of initiatives: re-marketing, new sales, lead generation, and user acquisition. All of these, however, require content that is written with the express goal of the email campaign in mind, as no two email messages should or will read the same. A copywriting team that intimately understands what the goals of your email campaign are can help you achieve what it is you’re setting out to do.


On a corporate website, content must serve two audiences: the user and search engines. In order for a site to show up for relevant search queries, it must meet basic criteria – content must be topical and substantive, key Meta fields must be present, and the users’ needs must be accommodated so that they stay engaged (and on-site). At EXERTUS, our team of copywriters has extensive experience writing for the web, and can ensure that your site’s content is useful, well-written, and properly optimized.


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