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First Impressions

If content is what educates your user, then design is what draws them in, guides them through their experience, and forms a lasting and memorable impression. Design entails everything from color schemes and fonts to user interfaces, right down to clickable buttons and links. Something that is designed well will be both effective and a pleasure to use (or interact with). Something that is designed poorly may turn off a consumer from your brand forever. Thus, the importance of design cannot be overstated. For this reason, we take design seriously at EXERTUS.

Custom Software & Online Applications

When developing custom software or online applications, user interfaces and user experience should be at the forefront of your priorities, as ultimately, how the platform is used will dictate its success. A helpful software program that is difficult to use benefits no one, just as a good idea that goes unspoken is meaningless. Our UX/UI designers and content strategists can work with you to design an interface – and an experience – that is intuitive, memorable, effective, and even enjoyable.

Mobile Applications

As with SaaS and online applications, mobile apps must be easy to use and highly engaging. However, a mobile experience is typically nothing like a desktop experience, so simply recreating what you already have will likely not work. An intimate understanding of mobile design is necessary in order to create a mobile application that serves the intended purpose and accomplishes the intended goals. With an emphasis on mobile responsiveness and mobile design, the team at EXERTUS is well qualified to conceptualize, design, and optimize mobile platforms and applications.

Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity requires an understanding of user and customer psychology, and how colors and fonts impact the average person. What impression does a color like red make, versus a color like white? What impact does a heavy weight font have when compared to a light weight font? How important are legacy traits when taking specific industries into consideration (for example, the color green in the environmental sciences)? Knowing the answers to all of these questions is crucial to designing a fresh – and impactful – brand identity.


Website design varies in scope, style, and purpose. A website for a successful visual artist will not (and should not) look like a website for a pharmaceutical company, and vice versa. This is because websites are very much in service of the company or individual they serve. We recognize this at EXERTUS, and strive to design websites that truly serve the client’s needs and interests – and not merely the most recent trends. Working closely with you, we can design a website that is engaging, intuitive, effective, and of course, aesthetically pleasing.


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