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Review & Analysis

All SEO initiatives should start with a thorough review and analysis of your website’s current strengths and weaknesses. Only after such an analysis has been completed can a course of action be put in place. By determining areas of opportunity, we can outline specific action steps and deliverables to grow your website both qualitatively and quantitatively over time. SEO is a long-term process, and outlining key goals in crucial to success.

Keyword Research

As a rule, your site’s content should be topical and relevant for your user demographic. However, you can maximize the impact of your on-site content by leveraging a well thought-out keyword strategy. Keyword optimization involves placing relevant search query terms throughout your site’s content in a natural manner that makes sense. You should never stuff keywords into your content, engage in keyword spamming, or try to include keywords where they don’t belong; however, if it’s natural to do so, you are encouraged to “punch up” your content with specific search query phrases and keywords to better target those individuals who may be searching for your site (or those like it). The team at EXERTUS has extensive experience in keyword research and can determine which keywords are best suited to your site – we can then have our copywriters include these keywords within your site’s content.

Content Optimization

Search engines determine the topic or overall concept of your website by the content that is contained within. When it comes to search engine optimization, one of the single most important elements is your site content. Ideally, your site’s content should be topical, relevant, resourceful, useful, and easily accessed. It should be designed with your users’ needs in mind – keyword spamming, hidden text, and other less-than-honest tactics should be avoided at all costs. If your site features little to no content, EXERTUS offers affordable copywriting services. Our writers understand writing for the web – including the use of Meta fields and calls-to-action – and can produce content that is topical and user-friendly.

Site Architecture

It isn’t just the front-facing content that is important on a website. In fact, there are dozens upon dozens of individual elements that come into play when determining search engine results. Search engine optimization is the practice of identifying and optimizing all of these individual elements so that your website can be as good a site as possible for its users. Site structure and underlying code are two of these elements: site structure refers to the URL structure of the site while the code represents the foundational pieces. A clear, consistent, and intuitive URL structure is recommended by all major search engines, and the W3C consortium – along with Google itself – outline simple best practices for code. EXERTUS can ensure your site accords with these recommendations.


Once keyword research has been completed, content optimization has begun, and the site architecture has been refined and optimized, we can begin quarterly reviews of a site’s performance. Through ongoing reporting, we can objectively determine what initiatives are working and which are not. This data can allow us to adjust strategy on the go, so that we are constantly taking concrete steps to produce an optimized and effective website. Such initiatives may involve review of Google Analytics data or analysis of third-party reports, such as those available through MOZ. The key is to take action based not on hunches but on actual evidence; reporting allows us to do just that.


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