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All marketing initiatives start with a strategy. This strategy is informed by a series of basic questions. What is your end goal? Who is your target audience? What problem are you solving? What solution are you providing? Perhaps most simply: How do you accomplish your goals through marketing channels? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, EXERTUS can help.


Our team of strategists and analysts can help you find your place within the market, and determine what value you offer your clientele. It can be overwhelming to launch a new business or start a new campaign. Where do you start? We’re here to help you discover the answer to that question by positioning your company within a competitive marketplace.


Websites, mobile apps, SaaS platforms… digital products are living, breathing environments that live and die by their functionality, their usefulness, and the user experience they provide. Leveraging our information architects, graphic designers, and UX/UI designers, we can assist your team in digital product planning so that your app or website is as good as it can be.


How you engage your customers is important. A tone-deaf approach or one that is widely out of line with the target audience’s expectations will not only yield no benefits, it could actually hurt your business. Of course, there are practical concerns too. If you throw your eggs into one basket, but your target audience doesn’t actually engage with that channel, then you’re simply shouting in the woods. Don’t let your efforts be for naught.


Your brand tells your audience who you are as an organization. If you don’t know yourself, we can help. From discovering what makes your company unique within its industry to determining how best to position your business within a crowded marketplace (see Market Positioning above), brand experience strategy is the process of determining the who, what, and why of your company.


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  • Micro Sites
  • Custom Plugins

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