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Package Pricing

Simple and straightforward pricing for businesses of all sizes.

At EXERTUS, we have the tools you need to meet your goals. Whether you run a small e-commerce business out of your home or have a staff of 30 working from the office, we have packages designed around your needs. Take a look at your options below. And of course, we’re happy to offer
pay-as-you-go pricing as well.

We've got the big guys
covered too.
Reach for the sky!
Small(er) BusinessCorporate
Our Starter Package

Looking for general site maintenance? This is the package for you!

per month
per year
savings over

approximate hours
per month
Get to Working!

This is the perfect package to handle general design and copywriting tasks.

per month
per year
savings over

approximate hours
per month
Projects Galore

You've got marketing initiatives, we've got resources. Put our tools to work.

per month
per year
savings over

approximate hours
per month
No Task Too Large

The resources you need to handle any project, for the price of one employee.

per month
per year
savings over

approximate hours
per month
Your Own Marketing Department

An entire marketing team at your disposal, minus the overhead of an in-house team.

per month
per year
savings over

approximate hours
per month
*Discounted rate is only available with pre-purchase of a subscription plan. Unused hours do not roll over. Overages will be billed at a flat rate of 10% off the standard hourly wage.
Direct Resources

With our subscription packages, you gain access to an entire team of designers, developers, copywriters, and more.

Simple & Flexible

Our packages are flexible, in order to meet the needs of businesses large and small. Getting work done has never been easier.

No Contracts Required

Pre-pay and you're set! We want to work with you, not burden you with unnecessary contracts.

Maximize Your Budget

Why hire a single employee to do one thing when you can get an entire team of professionals?


Our pay-as-you-go pricing option makes it easy to get work done.

Our rate sheet makes it easy to review our prices. Better yet, we handle projects of all scopes and sizes. We may be a big city agency, but we’re not going to turn you away like one. Review our rate sheet and get in touch to see how we can help.

Compare to one of our subscription plans:
$1,500 /month
Save 10%
Resource Unit Pay-As-You-Go Subscription
Print DesignBranding & Printing 1 Hour PAY-AS-YOU-GO SUBSCRIPTION $55
Web DesignWeb & Mobile (UX/UI) 1 Hour PAY-AS-YOU-GO SUBSCRIPTION $75 $68
Video Editing & Animation 1 Hour PAY-AS-YOU-GO SUBSCRIPTION $75 $68
Copywriting 1 Hour (+/- 200 Words) PAY-AS-YOU-GO SUBSCRIPTION $55 $50
Social Media MarketingFacebook, Twitter, etc. 1 Hour PAY-AS-YOU-GO SUBSCRIPTION $55 $50
SEO Strategy & AnalyticsKeyword Research 1 Hour PAY-AS-YOU-GO SUBSCRIPTION $75 $68
Content Strategy & Information ArchitectureCompetitor Analysis, Site Structure, Flowcharts & Diagrams 1 Hour PAY-AS-YOU-GO SUBSCRIPTION $100 $90
Front-End DevelopmentHTML, CSS, JS 1 Hour PAY-AS-YOU-GO SUBSCRIPTION $75 $68
Back-End DevelopmentPHP, Ruby, .NET, C# 1 Hour PAY-AS-YOU-GO SUBSCRIPTION $100 $90
Quality AssuranceAuditing, Functional, Regression and Smoke Testing 1 Hour PAY-AS-YOU-GO SUBSCRIPTION $75 $68


  • How can I purchase EXERTUS services? To meet clients' needs, we offer multiple payment options and plans. Our services can be purchased both à la carte as well as on a monthly or quarterly retainer. These retainer options are our subscription plans, and they can be structured based on the size of your organization or the individual project at hand.
  • What are your subscription plans? Our subscription plans are quarterly retainer options that provide you and your team with credits. These credits allow you to utilize our services as you need them, without having to sign a separate invoice or Statement of Work. In effect, our subscription plans take much of the contractual paperwork out of the equation and put our services straight to work for you.
  • Why would I want to purchase a subscription plan? Subscription plans help organizations better utilize our services for ongoing monthly work. Think of our subscription plan as having your very own marketing, design, and development team. With direct, ongoing, and convenient access to our services, the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish. Of course, your organization will also benefit from the discounted rates offered through our various subscription plans, helping you maximize your budget and your project deliverables.
  • How long are your subscription plans? Our subscription plans are built for projects small or large, and range in duration from three months to many years. We strive to make our subscription plans flexible so that they suit your needs.

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