EXERTUS is a trusted design and development agency with experience in web applications, user interface and user experience design, information architecture, and other related disciplines. This brochure outlines EXERTUS' services.


At EXERTUS, we provide B2B solutions for clients in the IT, SaaS, healthcare, enterprise, and non-profit industries. To meet our clients’ needs and aid them in their goals, we work closely with them to bring about concrete solutions. Typical projects may entail everything from wireframes and the development of a cohesive information architecture to UX/UI, front- and back-end coding, and ongoing integration support. We are here to help.

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Get to know us! We are a digital marketing agency specializing in design, development, search engine optimization, and strategy. With two office locations – San Diego, California and Hartford, Connecticut – and a diverse team of professionals spread throughout the United States, we are uniquely suited to meet the demands of the modern workforce. We pride ourselves in providing B2B & B2C solutions for clients in the IT, SaaS, healthcare, enterprise, and non-profit industries, and are happy to serve clients all over the world.

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