With our free marketing questionnaire and guide, your team can discover marketing opportunities by answering fundamental questions concerning marketing channels, initiatives, and more.


Our free marketing questionnaire and guide is the standard form that we provide new clients. We are making it available to you, for free, because we believe there is tremendous value in answering a series of fundamental (and foundational) questions regarding your current marketing strategies and initiatives. In doing so, you can discover gaps in your current campaigns, find areas for improvement, and determine with greater accuracy whether or not your current initiatives are effective or not. Though you are of course welcome to download our marketing questionnaire and guide for your own use, we of course encourage you to contact EXERTUS with questions after you’ve taken the time to fill it out. After all, the guide is intended as a conversation starter, not a be-all-end-all solution to your marketing pains.

Inside This Issue

The following questions will form the foundation for your organization’s marketing strategy, initiatives, and campaigns. To ensure the best possible starting point, please answer all applicable questions with as much detail as possible.

Topics Covered

  1. Background
  2. Project Goals & Objectives
  3. Target Audience
  4. Marketing Initiatives
  5. Content Requirements