Use this checklist to figure out weaknesses in your marketing process.


In today’s business world digital marketing is an essential component for success. This field, however, can be overwhelming with possibilities and channels to use! How do I know which strategies I need? Are there new or improved venues I haven’t tried? What’s really the difference between all the industry terms and am I using them correctly? Whether you are a veteran in the marketing industry or fresh on the scene, the “Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist” is a valuable tool designed to ease your decision making and, hopefully, inspire you in future ventures.

Inside This Issue

The number of marketing channels available to modern businesses can be overwhelming, even for those that are well-established. In fact, it’s highly possible that there are avenues you and your team have yet to explore — avenues that could prove beneficial, if you just had the time or know-how to take advantage of them. But fear not, because with this Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist, you have everything you need to get started (and to determine gaps in your current marketing initiatives).

Topics Covered

  1. Content
    1. Copywriting
    2. Blog Articles
    3. Press Releases
    4. Infographics
    5. White Papers
  2. Design & Development
    1. Branding & Identity
    2. Websites
    3. Mini/Micro Sites
    4. Landing Pages
    5. Packaging Design
    6. Collateral Design
    7. Event Design
  3. Marketing
    1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    2. Display Ads
    3. Remarketing
    4. Social Media
    5. Social Media Ads
    6. Email Marketing
    7. Photography & Videography
    8. Webinars & Hangouts
  4. Search Engine Optimization
    1. Site Optimization
    2. Google Business
    3. Local Business Listings
    4. Mobile Responsiveness
  5. Strategy
    1. Audience Research & Discovery
    2. Market Assessment