Marketing Budget Allocation & Reporting – EXERTUS Tracker – San Diego

Time Management

  • Easily track billable hours with intuitive, interactive charts
  • Improved cost visibility helps ensure you are making the most of your time

Project Management

  • Determine marketing budget allocation with an intuitive breakdown of services
  • Keep production schedules and efforts inline with estimates and budgets

Project Accounting

Compare estimated budgets with your actual marketing spend to determine overages and surpluses. Keep project scopes under control and on target using hard data.

Marketing Analytics

  • Know the performance of every project and profitability of every initiative
  • Easily track progress across multiple departments and multiple contributors

Business Intelligence

  • Study historic data – months or years worth – to fine-tune your marketing budget allocation
  • Tailor-made for businesses requiring more advanced budget management and planning

Committed to Transparency

At EXERTUS, we strive to provide our clients with everything they need to maximize their marketing initiatives. Our Tracker report provides hard data to shed light on your past, present, and future marketing campaigns and projects. See for yourself the difference that data can make.

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