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Marketing poses many challenges, from conception to implementation. Having a team at your side that is knowledgeable about these challenges and experienced with finding the best solutions can greatly impact the effectiveness of your company's outreach programs and marketing initiatives. That is where EXERTUS enters the picture. We are that team. Don't go it alone – we are your marketing service provider.

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We offer a wide range of marketing services to meet our clients' needs. Below, you can find out more information about each of our core disciplines. Let us help you and your team achieve your business goals. We look forward to helping!


The SaaS industry is always moving. For this reason, it is in constant need of support. Not only for business and technological development, but for marketing campaigns well. With several SaaS clients, we are uniquely equipped to help.


Technology companies tend to fall into a predictable mold: they are so invested in research and development, that all other business areas tend to suffer as a result. EXERTUS can lend a much needed helping hand.


Many companies in the financial sphere fail to realize that they offer a product, and that this product needs to be promoted and marketed in a traditional way. You are the financial experts. Let us be the marketing experts.


Many government organizations need assistance across departments and disciplines. Though EXERTUS is ostensibly a digital marketing agency, in reality, we can bring our expertise and skill sets to bear in solving a range of practical problems.


The healthcare industry is unique among the many we serve. When it comes to marketing, there are often regulations that must be abided by. We can help healthcare organizations get their message out.


Whether a company sells car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, or property insurance, we can help them reach out to consumers and companies alike, find an audience, and promote their products in a way that makes sense.


When it comes to the retail industry, social marketing and e-commerce tend to play a large role. Our team of copywriters, designers, and developers can set up an online shop and help manage an engaging social media presence.

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At EXERTUS, we recognize that no two industries are the same. In order to effectively meet a client's needs, it is important to first understand what those needs are. Beyond a general understanding of the unique qualities that separate our clients and their respective disciplines, we encourage open discussion so that in working directly with the client, we can arrive at an effective solution for their specific goals and challenges. If you find yourself facing challenges, we invite you to contact us today and strike up a conversation.